Born a few centuries too late…

14 Feb

I was watching Bo Derek on Oprah last week, and she was talking about what it’s like to be one of the most beautiful women of her time.  She said that she lucked out on getting the genes she got, at the time when they resulted in a look that’s revered.  The woman has a great point.

She’s tall, naturally thin.  Beautiful, right?  A few hundred years ago, she would have been considered homely.  Back in the day when being plump meant you could afford to eat, my body type was the one that people would have wanted.

I took a DNA test (because I do that sort of craziness), and I found out (among other things) that my body really digs being overweight.  I’m having a bitch of a time losing any weight, and I can officially blame genetics.  At least for part of it.  After all, that’s what causes my body to want to cling to the fat in a cupcake, but that’s not what puts the cupcake in my mouth.  (Red velvet with cream cheese frosting… come on, who would turn that down??)


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