Good riddance, 2010

22 Dec

This year has sucked giant donkey balls.  Not that I’ve ever seen actual donkey balls, but I can imagine they aren’t very appetizing.

I was running through the list of reasons why it’s sucked today, and individually they don’t seem so horrible.  But when you add it up, it equals misery.

BFF moving away?  Check.  Second BFF losing her mind and then ending the friendship?  Check.  Loss of social life?  Check.  Major weight gain?  Check.  Milestone birthday plans in the shitter?  Check.  Loss of a pet (that I keep telling myself could have been prevented if I had more money)?  Check.

It’s a string of things that make me feel thankful that I’ve managed to hang on to all of my limbs.  So far, at least.

I truly can’t wait for this shittastic, sorry excuse for a year to come to an end.  I want to start 2011 on a happy note.  Maybe I’ll practice by starting the next entry on a happy note.  😉


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