Save the rice for a meal, and don’t bother with the bubbles

8 Nov

I was always one of those little girls who dreamt of her wedding day.  When the “November Rain” video came out, I gushed over the bride’s dress.  I love watching wedding shows and looking through example photos of floral arrangements.  I know what colors I would choose, and who I would want to be in my bridal party.

And it’s recently come to my attention that these fantasies are just that … fantasies.  And I need to get the fuck over them.

I have a family member who got married over the weekend, and the hoopla and snide comments are what’ve finally brought me to that conclusion.  (Well, that and my mom’s constant worry about my dad retiring and having no income.  It seems that starting an IRA or savings of some sort was never on his to-do list.)  My parents didn’t fund my college education.  I’ll be paying that off until I’m in my mid-40s.  My mom has always been frugal.  She’s made countless remarks about how couples who live together before getting married don’t deserve a lavish celebration, or any celebration at all, really.  After all, if we wanted a party, we would have waited and done it right, instead of living in sin.  (This is the part where I start smacking myself in the forehead.)

Oh, and then there’s the huge argument we got into over the weekend about how I don’t want to be given away at my (never gonna happen) wedding, because I don’t believe I’m anyone’s property, but that’s a different blog entry entirely.

Long story short, it’s finally sunk in that I won’t ever have to make the difficult decision of going with jewel tones or a gothic deep red with black accents.  I won’t need to worry about finding the perfect dress in my size.  No one will be going through my Crate and Barrel registry trying to decide between the garlic press or the throw pillows.  I won’t have to save up for a honeymoon in Paris.

I finally realize all of that.  Now I just have to come to terms with it.


One Response to “Save the rice for a meal, and don’t bother with the bubbles”

  1. Morgan MacGavin November 10, 2010 at 9:12 pm #

    we need to catch up *hugs*

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