Oh, she totally went there

4 Nov

Today marked day two of a very heated discussion with a family member, all via Facebook, about politics and religion.

Whoa, did she say politics and religion? Yep, I did.  I did indeed seem to fall from the very tippy-top of the masochism tree, hitting every branch on the way down, because I just dove right into the pit of snakes screaming “Bite me!  Come on, you bunch of morons!  Harder!  Oh, yeah!”

I won’t post the entire conversation, because I’m sure it would result in a lot of comments that looked like this: tl;dr

Here’s the abridged version:


Her: Obama isn’t a godly man

Me: What the eff are you talking about?

Her: He funds terrorists!  He loves the terrorists!

Me: No, really… what the eff are you talking about?

Her: The Muslims!  He’s friends with them, and they hate America.

Me: Stop getting your news from chain e-mails written in comic sans with obnoxious GIFs.

Her: He’s making us pay for abortions!

Me: Didn’t you get one of those?

Her: Obama hates Jesus, Muslims hate America, those are the facts.

Me: Read a book.

Her: I did.  It said “Obama hates Jesus, Muslims hate America.”

The.  End.


Clearly there was more to it than that, but trust, the version I just gave you is far less migraine inducing.

When the whole ordeal was done (and signed with “see you at the holidays!  xoxo”), I made the huge mistake of asking Foster if I handled the situation with a modicum of grace and remained respectful.  This led us into an argument that we’ve had time and time again.  It’s this circular discussion where he says “Why do you care what they think?” and I say “I’m not quite sure, but I do” and he says “Well, you shouldn’t” and I say “No shit, but I do”.  So on and so forth.  Somehow it always comes back to him telling me that I am the problem.


The one who doesn’t believe that all Muslims are trained from birth to hate America.  (Direct quote from the family member.  Direct fucking quote.)  The one believes in educating yourself on a subject before making a judgment.  The one who believes in checking up on what you read in those damn chain e-mails before passing them along and spreading the ignorance.  Me, the one who tries (and sometimes fails) to not be an ignorant, bigoted ass.  It’s my fault.


Because I give a shit about my family being ignorant, bigoted asses.

On a totally unrelated note, this uber-liberal non-bigot has officially lost 10.5 pounds.  Does that mean I deserve a cookie?


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