And my life just gets busier…

2 Nov

First, an update on those deviant little brownies from earlier.  The rough score is brownies – 4, me – 1.  I ate four of those little bastards, but no matter how many times I walked past the container, there was one left.  One delicious, bite sized brownie, covered in frosting and topped with a single piece of candy corn.  And I kicked that little brownie’s ass.

In other words, I didn’t eat it.

And last time I checked, no one else had, either.  Me leaving the  ideal junk food on the counter for someone else is rare.  Me walking away when it’s clear that it’s mine, all mine?  Unheard of.  Which is why, despite the fact that I ate four of them, I figured I earned a point.

(Insert wacky ninja moves here.)

Today is November 1st.  (By the time I hit “publish”, it’ll be the 2nd.  But just go with it, okay?)  November, for dorky writer types like me, is also known as NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.  The goal is to write 50,000 words before December.  Last year, I only made it to 15,000.  The year before that, I didn’t even make it through the planning stages.  I really want to do this.  But it takes so much motivation!  I’ve got a rough story idea in my head.  I’ve got pages and pages in a notebook of notes and outlines and plot points and various scribbles.  I’ve even got actors and actresses who I picture as I’m writing about my characters.  Now all I need is the time.  And a swift kick in the ass to make it happen.  Because writing involves a lot of thinking, unlike, say … watching The Vampire Diaries or The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Can you believe those women?  I mean, seriously?).

So this month will be packed.  Packed with me trying not to lose my mind over various things and stay away from all of the holiday goodness.  I finished my first NaNo session tonight with 1,300 words.  Only 48,700 to go!


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