Have I mentioned that I’m hungry?

26 Oct

Because I am.  I am one hungry bitch.  Most of the time, in fact.  But hey, I’m losing weight, so what’s a little hunger pain every now and then?

(By the way, if you didn’t get the sarcasm there, I can’t believe we’re friends.  Really.)

I keep thinking that eventually, that will go away.  Because it turns out that when people (who I always thought were completely ridiculous) say that your stomach shrinks, they might be right.  Who knew?

On the other hand, I feel like I’m constantly eating, even though it’s always something small.  A TLC cereal bar (2 points!), popcorn (2 points!), light mozzarella string cheese (1 point!), etc.  I have something every few hours, give or take.  I even managed to stay on track at Buzzfest, which is something of a miracle.  Oh, and it probably helped that I packed a backpack full of healthy snacks and wrote “DO NOT TOUCH” all over them.

I even managed to indulge in one brownie bite and a half of a chocolate chip cookie, without finishing off the package.  These are big things, people!  (No pun intended.)

Speaking of being a fatty, here’s something the naturally skinny amongst you should read.  Oh, what the hell … you should all read it.  It’s an article about a blog post on Marie Claire titled “Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?)”.  It’s a perfect example of what not to say to or about fat people.

Look, I get it.  I even have a habit of looking at certain people and thinking “How did that happen?”  I get annoyed with people for not putting in the effort I believe they’re capable of, or that I think I would be putting forth.  But since I’m not them, it’s completely unfair to place any real judgment there.

For example, a girl (shit, are we officially women?) I was friends with in high school posted to her Facebook a few days ago that she got confirmation that her boss was having an affair.  She went on to rant about his wife and child, ending the tirade with “I hope he gets fired!”  To which I responded with “Whoa there, lady.”  Ok, not really, but I wanted to.  I did try to explain that neither she nor I are in his marriage, therefore we don’t have the right to judge.  Also, his marriage and his job are two completely different things.

My eating and exercise habits (or lack thereof as of late) are not something I want to be judged on.  No one knows the reasons I’ve avoided the gym lately or why I’d still rather have a brownie bottom pie over a salad.  No one but me knows the discipline, motivation, and work that it takes to not fall off the deep end, straight into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  And the same goes for the people around me.

Some people are naturally thin, and don’t understand the concept of willpower.  It’s a hard thing to explain to someone who could never begin to understand it.  I can imagine it’s like trying to describe the color yellow to a blind person.  You can try, but it’s never going to be exactly like feeling it yourself.



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