Not diet related in the slightest…

10 Oct

As much as I love Reform Judaism just as it is, there are times when I definitely think we should proselytize.  Which is an amazing thing for me to say, because it’s usually something I’m vehemently against.  There are just so many crazy, far out, ludicrous ideas floating around there, though … I just want to invite some people into the world of sanity.  “Hey, come join us, we’re not nutty!  We don’t think Satan is fucking with you because he (she?) is bored, and we don’t care who you’re banging.”

The big problem with the plan is that there’s really no threat involved.  I mean, that’s a big part of proselytizing with Christianity and Islam.  When people are confronted with the idea of the religion, they’re also told that a fabulous afterlife is waiting for them if (and only if!) they accept the religion.  Thus instilling a sense of fear.  I mean, who wants to spend eternity in hell?

In Judaism, there is no hell.  There isn’t even one accepted idea of heaven.  (Or Heaven, with a capital H.)  There’s primarily the here and now, and the idea of being a good person and doing as much good for other people and the world as possible.  It’s like a study in not fucking up, to be blunt.  So I can’t tell someone about Judaism and follow-up with “Yeah, so, you might as well just believe in it and convert.  Because if you’re wrong, being in hell will really suck.”  (Yes, someone tried to convert me to Christianity with that very line.)

Sometimes I feel like a new age hippie who just happened to stumble upon a great way to structure my beliefs using a very ancient religion, but it’s so peaceful!  So beautiful.  Every time I read an article about some fundamentalist group using their religion to justify their hatred and prejudice, I’m thankful that I’m not a part of it.  But I always wish I could spread the love.  I promise, there’s plenty to go around.


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