Meet my new best friend

8 Oct

I tend to go through obsessive phases with food.  I’ll get into something and I’ll want it non-stop for months.  The most recent is ice cream, and oh, it is so good.  I was buying half-gallons of no sugar added ice cream, but since starting Weight Watchers, I had to switch to something that came in individual portions.  (Otherwise, I’ll stack an ice cream cone to the ceiling and then say “But I only had one!”)

I love these stupid little Skinny Cow cups.  They’re about 150 calories each, or 2WW points.  And they’re delish.  They’re also pricey, but being thin (apparently) doesn’t come cheap.

I splurged tonight and had two of them.  And don’t worry, I marked them both down on my little food tracker.  I had plenty of room.

In other news, my test results came back.  My thyroid is fine, as is most everything else.  Except my cholesterol.  You’d think I had nothing by fatty red meat for three meals a day with how the numbers looked.  Yikes.  Both of my parents have high cholesterol though, so it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility for it to be a genetic issue.  (Or perhaps I’m delusional.  The jury is still out.)

My doctor wants to put me on medication, but to that I say “nuh-uh, not gonna do it”.  Seriously, I already take a handful of pills every day to maintain a facade of normalcy/happiness, and to keep my sinus issues to a minimum.  I’m going to ask her for advice on something natural to take, and hope that the change in diet will do something positive.  I’ll go back in six weeks for a follow up.  Until then…


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