Bad kitty news

30 Sep

I was feelings so hopeful about Speedbump recovering and becoming his old cross-eyed self again, but things didn’t go that way.  Last night, I found him in one of the cubby holes of his cat tree.  He had passed away.

It’s been a long, weepy twenty-four hours.  We had asked some of the veterinarians who saw him whether or not his condition was life threatening, and they didn’t think it was.  He had recurring ear infections, but he was also getting antibiotic ear drops two to three times a day.  We had no doubt that he would get better after his surgery and start playing one-man soccer with his crinkle toys again in no time.

He’s barely been gone, and the house is just a bit sad without him.  No more broken Speedbump meows, no more solar-powered kitty lounging on the back of the sofa, soaking in the morning sunlight.


One Response to “Bad kitty news”

  1. Morgan October 1, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    I’m really sorry to hear about Bump…he was a sweet boy.

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