I’m one of those now.

27 Sep

I bit the bullet last night and signed up for Weight Watchers.  When you’re on WW, it’s all about the points.  So now, I count points.  I’ve become one of those crazies who goes around mumbling about “lunch was 6 points, so I only have 8 points left, so have can I have a margarita at happy hour?”

It’s a stone’s throw from being that crazy dude who’s obsessed with his stapler in Office Space.

And on day one, I went over.  No terribly, I suppose, but over.  I’m allotted 22 pounds per day, with 35 additional points to use as I please over the span of the week.  (Hello, dessert!  Hello, cocktails!)  At the end of my day, I’m at 24 points.  As I thought I was doing a great job!  But maybe that’s my problem.  I know this part is uber boring, so feel free to zone out until the list of things I ate today is done:

4 slices of turkey bacon
1 scrambled egg
some pineapple… don’t ask me to give you an exact measurement

leftovers from last night: chicken provencal and couscous

baked Tostitos and salsa (super low points!)
Skinny Cow cup of cookies and cream ice cream (amazingly low points, too)

Special K fruit and yogurt cereal
almond milk

It was the chicken and couscous that took me over the edge, and the four pieces of turkey bacon.  Which was actually an accident!  I intended to cook three slices, but two were stuck together.  And as for the chicken and couscous, I can only guess on the points with that.  It’s a new product, and the points aren’t listed on the WW site.

I’ve got a couple of recipes planned for next week, and I’ve learned that before I eat anything I’m going to have to consider the points.  (Hence the aforementioned mumbling.)

Honestly, this is a pain in the ass.  But I’m hoping I can stick with it (hello, I did get to have my ice cream) and drop some pounds.  And on nights like tonight when I’m out of points and can’t eat anything else, who knows, maybe I’ll get to bed early.  The positive benefits are endless.  (Said with a half smile and craving for a Milky Way Dark.)


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