Jesus H. Christ

24 Sep

First, a rant.

Jesus doesn’t read Facebook.  Prayers via Facebook?  Are pointless.

Not everyone has accepted Jesus as their lord and savior.  I don’t use phrases like “the Jesus myth” on Facebook or talk about “those delusional Christians”, so I’d appreciated not having to read something that insinuates that I’m a blasphemous, hell-bound heathen because I’m not a Christian.  That’s a very presumptuous stance, and it’s the sort of thing that drives me to Ben & Jerry.


Moving on.

There’s really nothing diet related or weight related to report.  Other than in typing this and having to look down, I can literally feel my second chin being squished.  If that doesn’t scream “time to lose some weight, biatch”, I don’t know what does.

I printed out a few of Ellie Krieger’s recipes yesterday.  Last night, I made this fabulous (healthy!) taco salad.  Tonight, I did a (less fabulous) shepherd’s pie.  So that’s a 50% success rate.  Not bad!  The taco salad is most definitely going into regular rotation.

I’ve been procrastinating on signing up for Weight Watchers.  They have a lot of plans to choose from!  I think I’m going to opt for the online version.  Because I’m anti-social and have no desire to tell a room of strangers about my undying love for ice cream, brownies, and Mexican food.


One Response to “Jesus H. Christ”

  1. Ambertron September 26, 2010 at 1:54 am #

    I heart Ellie Krieger’s recipes! We have her book and I bought one for my sister. I highly recommend them!

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