Is it Friday yet?

17 Sep

I thought that last week, with the planning and preparation for Foster’s birthday, would be the busy one.  But this week has kicked my ass.  The various frustrations are piling up, and I can’t wait for the weekend.

Tomorrow night is Yom Kippur, my favorite holiday.  Going to synagogue is always therapeutic for me, but Yom Kippur is like a trip to a spa.  Hopefully, I’ll leave feeling all fresh and renewed.  Like someone just doused me in sage.  But less smelly.

On Sunday, Foster and I are supposed to go see my parents for a while.  I never got to take him to go-kart racing last weekend, so that’s a possibility.  As is seeing Easy A, which I’m very excited about.  Between both of us being stressed about various things, we’ve been at one another’s throats.  Seriously, we managed to get into an argument before we even got out of bed a few mornings ago.  All we need is a kid and a mortgage and we’ll officially be an old married couple.

A group of women at work are going to do a weight loss competition … again.  You put in money, weigh in every week, and the person who loses the most gets the cash.  I haven’t decided if I’m in or out, but I’ll write more on that later.

This has been quite the hodgepodge of crap, hasn’t it?  No real theme, no real point.  Welcome to my life.

PS… Some restaurant brought in food today, and there were fried Twinkies.  Turns out, fried Twinkies are awesome.  However, because I could feel an artery clog as I swallowed, I took one bite and walked away.  Never been quite so proud of myself.


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