You win some, you lose some

16 Sep

My work hours aren’t standard.  I usually roll into the office sometime between 10am and 11am.  I’m ready to do lunch sometime between 2pm and 3pm.  And I usually leave by 7pm, unless I’ve got something happening that evening and need to be out sooner.  By the time I’m actually hungry for lunch, the deli in our building is closed, as is the deli across the street.  So if I haven’t brought anything to eat, I’m S.O.L.

So today, after stopping at Starbucks for a grande mocha light frappuccino, I got into work around 10:30.  I had the frap and a bag of animal crackers from the machine for breakfast.  I was finally ready for lunch around 3pm.  I was waiting on my boss (long story that is boring, I promise) and really couldn’t leave, so I had instant oatmeal.  Oh, and two Jolly Ranchers from the receptionist’s candy dish.  Realizing that the oatmeal wasn’t going to cut it, I had a South Beach protein bar.

Cut to 5:30, when Foster was supposed to meet me at the station so we could head over to a book signing/q&a in Memorial.  I’m hungry and frustrated, as the boss man never got back with me about that task I was supposed to do, meaning I essentially skipped lunch when it wasn’t necessary.  Now fast forward to 6pm, the time I had planned on being at the location of the event.  That’s when Foster actually showed up.

My dear, lovely, handsome boyfriend can’t be on time for anything.  When the day actually comes that we get married, I’m going to have to tell him that the ceremony is at least a half hour before the actual time, or he’ll be late.  And although I’m always late, it’s still annoying.  I’m a 5-minutes-late sort of person.  He’s generally lagging by a good 30 minutes to an hour.

I digress…

I was in a rush at this point, so there was no time for stopping anywhere for food.  I ended up having a fabulous time at the event, and even got over my anger with Foster.  (Mostly thanks to Lisa purchasing my book and getting me a decent number in the signing line.)  But by the end, I could feel my blood sugar plummet.  I was beginning to glisten with sweat, feel a bit dizzy and nauseated, and overall crappy.  A good candidate for Anorexia, I am not.

Starving and feeling like crap, I was like, “Hey, how about Smashburger?”  I mean, it was after 9pm and I had probably consumed less than 700 calories.  <— That would be me justifying my craptastic food choice.

I really should have opted for something healthier.  I’m feeling a smidge guilty about Smashburger.  Just a smidge.  It would be worse, but my weight loss motivation this week is in hiding.  It’s probably somewhere among the leftover junk food from Foster’s party (Lays and french onion dip, Easy Cheese and Ritz, cake, caramel popcorn) or behind the ice cream in my freezer (no sugar added, but still).

And I, my lovelies, am just not in the mood for a game of hide and seek right now.

PS… The authors from tonight’s event were lovely.  Here are some of their books, which I highly recommend.  The photos are clickable, in case you want to know more about them:


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