At least I’m not her.

27 Aug

Do you see Heidi’s face?  That’s how I feel on the inside  … sad.  Thankfully I’m not made of plastic and married to a sociopath, but hey, sad is sad.

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had to deal with the loss of a pet.  I think I had forgotten the level of heartbreak it comes with.  I was doing fine today until a phone call with my nephew.  He just started the first grade, and after he got done telling me how easy school is (kid’s a genius), he asked if I heard about Tabitha. I told him that I had, and let him know to be extra kind to his grandma because she was missing her best friend.  He told me he was sharing his goldfish with her.  Sweet, right?

I had done a great job of distancing myself until then, but after that came the waterworks.  Which, by the way, have stuck around for most of the evening.  I believe I have a healthy dose of PMS mixed in with grief.  Awesome.

Which means it’s a miracle that I haven’t eaten myself out of house and home.  Granted, I didn’t do the most spectacular job today, but it could have been worse.  It has been worse.  Hopefully, it’ll get better.

I realized that I desperately need to hit up a grocery store.  Having actual food around when I’m hungry will be a big step.  I used to always have food in my house.  I rarely ate out.  Somehow after moving in with Foster, I seemed to forget what a grocery store was and instead got well acquainted with various drive-through’s.  I’m not sure if the problem is our tiny kitchen or that I was just used to doing meals for one and never figured out how to switch to meals for two.    Maybe both?

Either way, I’m making a grocery list this weekend and hitting Kroger.  If I have healthy things to eat when I’m at work, it’ll help me avoid the snack machine and the forbidden Twix.  (Twix … yum.)

EDIT – As I was finishing this post, I was hit in the head by a refrigerated Ding Dong.  As in, a Hostess Ding Dong.  I really love those.  (I know, that’s what she said.)  My boyfriend is so great to surprise me with things like that, but I really need to somehow get him to throw carrot sticks at me or something.


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