Let’s start in the middle.

25 Aug

I’m kind of like Oprah.  Not that I’m uber rich or anything wonderful like that.  No, I share some of her not-so-coveted qualities, like a tendency to yo-yo diet.  Yeah, I’ve got that one down pat.

I tend to throw caution to the wind and start eating everything that catches my fancy, like chocolate shakes and macaroni and cheese.  (Not together, of course.)  I make sure I’ve always got change for the snack machine, because there’s nothing better than a mid-afternoon candy bar fix.  This would be the downward part of the yo-yo.  Man, I can downward yo with the best of ’em.

Unfortunately, yoing comes at a hefty price.  Pun very much intended.  Since I stopped paying attention to what goes into my mouth and stopped bothering to workout, I’ve reached an all time high as far as weight is concerned, and an all time low on the yo-yoing.  I did a terrible thing few days ago … I stepped on a scale.  And I honestly can’t even tell you how much I weigh, because I jumped off when I saw the general area where the needle was bouncing around.  “Aw, hell no.”  That was my only reaction.  That, and a big sigh.  Because now I know it’s time to get my shit together.

It’s time to start paying attention to the things I eat, and working out.  Unfortunately, I’m not blessed with genetics that allow me to look like a rock star without bothering.  Shit, if I want stay in the “overweight” BMI range I have to bust my ass.  Neither the working out nor the eating properly can be  ignored.  It’s a real bitch.

Since “the scale incident”, I had one good day when I had a salad for lunch and did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Then I had a day where I skipped working out and opted for cereal with almond milk for dinner followed by an ice cream cone with no sugar added ice cream for dessert.

Fine.  It was two ice cream cones.

Granted, this might not seem like the most successful start, but water was imbibed, the snack machine was ignored, and no chocolate ice cream shakes were purchased.  Truly, the past two days have been more noteworthy than you would imagine.


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